hint : {it's NOT your eyes!}

For each statement below, move the slider to match your level of agreement

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    • What eye problems do you have (tick all that apply)

    • Question 4I feel exhausted and worn out at the end of the day.

    • Question 5I feel stressed most of the time.

    • Question 6I never have time for myself or to pursue the things I value in life.

    • Question 7How many times do you eat fast food per week?

    • Question 8How many serves of organic fruit and vegetable do you eat per day?

    • Question 9I'm on one or more of the following medications: (Anti-depressants, insulin, cortisol, steroids, hormone replacement, birth control)

    • Question 10How many times do you participate in movement exercises like yoga, tai chi or qigong per week?

    • Question 11I am overweight.

    • Question 12I slouch a lot and don't have good posture.

    • Question 13I had an emotionally challenging childhood.

    • Question 14I am shy and insecure.

    • Question 15I have low self-esteem.

    • Question 16What's your age?

    • Question 17For how long do you have your eye problems?

    • Question 18Did you ever do eye surgery before?

    • Question 19What's your gender?

    • Question 20I have a lot of stress in my life (physical, mental, and/or emotional).

    • Question 21Do you have any of the following?

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